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Earth Retention & Shoring

What is earth retention & shoring

When it comes to earth retention, BRC Piling & Foundations offers top-tier solutions tailored to your specific site and/or project needs. Our earth retention services encompass a range of methods designed to secure soil and prevent its movement or collapse. We utilise advanced engineering practices to create retaining walls, soldier piles, and other structures that provide stability and support for excavations, embankments and more.

Ground Anchors

Ground anchors are an effective method to counteract forces that could destabilise structures and foundations and can be used in all soil types. Ground anchors can be used as a stand alone shoring or retention solution, or as part of an integrated ground engineering solution where they can reduce pile diameters, size and distancing.

Soil Nails

Congested site footprints and strict programming or sequencing of civil works are common on suburban and CBD construction sites. Soil nails offer a range of advantages where soil conditions allow, including fast and cost efficient installation at the same time as excavation works begin, as well as smaller and more agile plant, or suspended (crane) work platforms.

Secant Piles & Contiguous Piles

Secant and Contiguous Piles are common embedded retaining wall methods that allow for construction of below ground structures extending to site boundaries. For deeper excavations, particularly in CBD locations, Secant and Contiguous Piles minimise vibrations and can support loads from adjacent structures, and can be propped or cantilevered depending on site and project specific requirements.

Soldier Piles

Soldier Piles are another form of embedded retaining wall which allow for excavations to proceed and lower the ground level in front of the wall. As excavations progress, the retained height of the wall can be increased using propping or ground anchoring methods. Shotcrete Piles are most commonly used in single sided basement (embedded retaining) walls that have been constructed with Secant or Contiguous Piles.

Micro Piles

Micro piling works are undertaken to overcome a range of complex or variable subsurface conditions – including mid-works modifications to accommodate changing soil profiles. BRC Piling & Foundations have the rigs and tooling to carry out micro piling works to support different structures and loads, as well as site specific geotechnical requirements.

Sheet Piles

Sheet piling is most commonly used to provide temporary excavation support for the construction of basement structures, including below ground car parks and lift cores. Sheet piles are also common to specialist marine works programmes involving coffer dams or seawalls and riverbank protection. Sheet piles are installed in sequences and can be constructed of recycled steel and re-used.

Our projects

  • Geelong V-Line Rail Works

    The South Geelong to Waurn Ponds Duplication Project involved the expansion of the train track alignment in South Geelong on behalf of Djilang Alliance. BRC Piling & Foundations provided services such as bored piles, soil nails and sheet piles. The project faced challenges due to difficult ground conditions and the proximity of fully operational rail corridor. BRC successfully installed 19 bored piles, totaling 10m in depth, along with 332m³ of concrete and 70t of steel for cages. The project adhered to strict government regulations and maintained a focus on quality, safety and environmental compliance.
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  • Microsoft Datacentre Truganina

    Kapitol Group engaged BRC Piling & Restorations for the construction of a 120,000m2 facility for Microsoft in Truganina, Victoria. BRC provided a comprehensive range of services, including bored piles, soil nails, and sheet piles. The project faced challenges such as variable subsurface conditions and strict environmental controls. BRC ensured high-quality standards through daily records maintenance, load and integrity testing, and compliance with the client’s safety management system. The project was successfully completed within the specified timeframe.
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  • Hampton Hill

    Lowe Group engaged BRC to deliver piling and foundation works to support the Hampton Hill residential development in suburban Melbourne. Comprising 30 high-end residences and two luxury penthouses when finished, the site was located close to Port Phillip Bay and involved variable (and contaminated) subsurface conditions for the three level, 1500m2 basement construction. BRC delivered high quality works on time, on budget and without incident – including strict environmental controls to minimise noise, dust and vibrations for local residents and businesses.
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Quality assurance

From earth retention and shoring to foundation piling; slope stabilisation to specialist marine piling and retaining walls – BRC Piling & Foundations offer clients a wide range of proven geotechnical services across metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria, as well as interstate. Whether it’s temporary or permanent structural support systems, challenging subsurface soil conditions, or restricted site access and adjacent structure protection – we pride ourselves on the capability to deliver on time, on budget and without incident.

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