BRC Piling equipment

Piling Equipment

Established since 1988, BRC Piling & Foundations owns and operates a specialist fleet of piling equipment. Regularly upgraded and meticulously maintained to exacting OEM, regulatory and client requirements, our fleet, tooling and transport logistics capabilities allow us to meet the requirements of concurrent and consecutive work programmes on multiple project sites.

BRC Piling Equipment

Fleet Capabilities
At A Glance

MachineSR100SR105B300SR95B240SR65SR60SR45SR40SR30S60Baby Mait
Operating weight135t115t100t90t70t65t60t40t40t35t20t8t
Typical pile size (mm)4000-7502400-6002400-6002400-6002100- 4502100- 4502100- 4501500- 4501500- 4501500- 4501050- 300800- 300
Pile Depth100m50m50m50m45m45m45m30m30m20m15m15m
Conventional CFA piles
Enlarged base piles
Contiguous piles
Secant piles
Light weight machine
Close to wall application
Limited head room access

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